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Difficult children eat is the problem of most parents, like to choose food or only eat the same type in days ¬¬ days. Many children are also reluctant to consume green vegetables. In fact, in the development of children requires adequate and balanced nutrition.
Lack of nutrition during growth will disrupt children’s development. Like children who are reluctant to drink milk have height problems and children who lack carbohydrates have relatively less weight.
Not all children refuse to eat is a bad thing. Reporting from a doctor once said, many children choose food just to confirm their independence. Children will eat the desired food with the specified time
At this time parents do not need to be too worried, with a child’s growth record running normally. There are some things that are worth trying to make the child want to eat.
Create a meal schedule in a day

Children need adequate nutrition by that reason regular eating is needed during development. Routine schedules help children remember the time for this hall also teaches them to be disciplined and manage time
Involve the child

Encourage children to shop for vegetables and ingredients for cooking, also to prepare food in the kitchen so that children value food more. Pinching fruit, cutting vegetables or preparing dishes is a small thing that children can help.
Introduce new food

o The child’s curiosity is so great that it makes him very focused on new things, try to give food that the child does not know yet he must be enthusiastically trying it. Use foods with interesting snacks so that children are increasingly curious.

Reducing outside snacks

Children who eat snacks too often outside become lazy to eat at home because they are already too full. In addition, snacks outside sometimes just taste good without regard to the nutritional content inside.
Small portions but often

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Give food to children with small portions but often because children are usually easy to feel bored. Give a variety of foods with small portions with a distance of several hours to make it easier for children to eat.

Drink a little

give understanding to the child so as not to consume too much water before eating, if the child is too full to drink water it is certain that the food on the plate is only 3 to 4 tablespoons


Make mealtime memorable with interesting food items or decorate the dining table. Cutting star-shaped carrots, coloring rice with turmeric, using his favorite picture plate.
The condition of children who find it difficult to eat is indeed worrying, weight loss is a real example if a child lacks food. The child’s growth will also be disrupted due to lack of nutrition received. In fact, to support the nutritional needs of humans requires a healthy intake of 4 perfect 5.
Namely in a dinner plate there must be carbohydrates, protein, fat and milk (calcium). The originator of this concept was Dr. Poerwo Soedarm in 1952. This concept was adapted from the concept of foodbasic in the United States which developed the Unaited State Department of Agriculture in the range of 1940.
The nutritional content of 4 healthy b5 is very good so many types of food in one plate are also beram, among the foods including 4 healthy 5 perfect:

• Rice or tubers

Not only the two types of food above, foods that contain carbohydrates such as sago and wheat can be a staple food

• Side dishes

Being a source of protein that is needed for immunity, balancing hormones and repairing damaged body cells. There are two types of protein namely animal protein which is derived from fish, meat, ducks, chicken. While vegetable protein can be found in nuts and seeds.

• Vegetables

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These foods are equally important as many good ingredients for the body such as iron and antioxidants. Vegetables such as spinach, broccoli, cabbage, mustard greens are recommended for consumption.

• Fruits

Source of vitamins and fruit is very good fruit for consumption of the body, behind the color that steals the attention in the fruit has a different content. Lemon with bright color contains vitamin C

• Milk

Foods that are very good for bone health because milk contains calcium, protein, fat and mieral. Typically the milk consumed is cow’s milk, but later it comes from milk from goats, soybeans and horses.
In a long period of time a child who is difficult to eat will experience some conditions that are not good, this is very influential for health, body posture and even happiness for the child. Here are some things that will happen if the child is not eating enough
Easily tired
Lack of nutrition in children who rarely eat causes the lack of glucose in the body makes energy decrease. The body becomes weak and does not function as optimally as it should
Weakening of the bone
Is a very important part of the body, protecting vital organs and making the body able to move to do activities. So it’s only natural that bones have to get a lot of nutrition, especially Calcium, milk contains a lot of calcium, but there are many children who don’t like to drink milk. Low calcium bones make it porous and easily injured when impacted.
Bad mouth odor
in children who do not eat at all makes the breath smells unpleasant. No food comes in which makes saliva production less, this condition becomes an opportunity for bacteria to multiply which results in bad breath. Children feel less comfortable talking because of the smell they smell, it is also possible that children will feel inferior when talking to others.
Stomach disease
Although there is no meaning consumed by the stomach, it still works. The liquid that functions to eat is still being produced even though no food enters the stomach. As a result, the curl will clog irtation and give an unbearable sensation of pain around the pit of the stomach. Jajang single condition is very dangerous for children due to late eating which causes trade in the stomach.
Decreased immune system
Lack of food makes a decrease in the body’s metabolism, when the body’s immune weakened defense from bacteria and viruses decreases this causes the body vulnerable to disease and slows the healing process when it is in the process of treatment. Green vegetables contain lots of iron, vitamin A, vitamin C and folic acid which is very useful for health.
Ensuring that children’s food intake is fulfilled is the responsibility of the elderly, providing food that not only has good taste, in choosing foods should be considered balanced nutritional content, especially in children who are under 16 years of age. In children at a young age many need nutrients for growth and development.

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