A gadget for children

The rapid development of technology makes people familiar to a gadget no exception for children. When we play traditional games, children now prefer to hold gadgets, they are used to operating gadgets to play games, browse the internet or stream videos. But is it wise to give cellphones to young children?
Millennial parents like nowdays are confused about gadgets for children this is due to the lack of educational content for early childhood that can affect the psychological development of children later. But parents also do not want to if their children miss the sophisticated technology in which technology is so close to everyday life.
For the sake of anticipating gadgets for children, the list below can be taken into consideration by parents to be wiser in watching children play gadgets.
Adult content is widely spread on the internet in the form of images, videos, sounds and writing. This content contains violence, sexualism, racism, etc. that are at risk of early childhood where children who are under age like to imitate what they see without realizing it is good or bad.
Children playing gadgets can spend hours staring at a cell phone screen making it very rare to socialize with others, if it continues to continue the child risks becoming shy or even afraid to just get acquainted or talk with his new friend. Very difficult if children will enter school because they will be together in a room and learn together with other children they do not know
Traditional games are also rarely played by children now, it is unfortunate considering that in traditional games children are required to be more active than just sitting playing a gadget. In a long time children who are too often sitting around playing gadgets affect their posture to be my child can also inhibit the development of the child’s motor system.
In the world of social media people who are not wise to comment negatively with inappropriate words, children who read will mimic negative behavior and often we even see an account bullied by other internet users, we don’t want our children to be bullied or be a bully person aren’t you?
Too often playing gadgets can damage a child’s brain and interfere with the growth of children’s intellectual, emotional and sexual intelligence. Radiation signals affect the brain so that this is possible. PFC (pre frontal cortex) is the part of the brain that regulates emotions, self-control, responsibilities and other normal values. Gadget addicts produce dopamine, which can interfere with the function of PFC so that it cannot function properly.
Dr. Indra K. Muhtadi said that the hormone dopamine functions to regulate nerve signals to the brain without this hormone, the brain cannot work at all. If the lack of this hormone the body can experience ADHD, mental disorders, Alzheimer’s and depression. Conversely, if the excess hormone domin in the body of a person can experience chronic addiction, bipolar or severe schizophrenia.
The creator of the windows tech giant Bill Gates and his wife Melinda were so strict about technology for their three children. Being the creator of technology, Bill Gates better understands when his three children are ready to side with technology. Before the age of 14 a child should not have a personal cellphone according to Bill Gates in an interview published by Tenplay.
Although he had received protests from his three children, the creator of this window remained firm with his decision. “We do not allow cellphone calls while eating. We also don’t give cellphones to our children before they are 14 years old, and they complain that their friends already have cellphones before 14 years, “said the father of three children.
Bill Gates and Melinda made a number of rules for their children regarding the use of cell phones, here are some lists of rules that might also be applied in how to care for children:
• Their child is not allowed to have a cellphone before the age of 14 years
• Not allowed to play or carry a cellphone while eating
• Imposing a time limit for watching television or holding a cell phone and recommends sleeping hours earlier than other children
• Limit screen time, so they have more free time to gather with family.
Diverting a child’s hobby from a gadget can be a perfect solution for growth and development, activities such as sports, gardening, reading etc. Can keep children from gadgets. So, it has become the responsibility of parents to lead children’s hobbies in more useful directions such as:
• Sports
Sport becomes a very useful activity because in addition to making the children’s body healthy it will also understand how valuable their body is for activity. It is recommended to sort out team sports rather than individuals because they can train children mentally and learn how to interact with their environment and seportivity in games.
• Music

Beling a band player is like a dream for every child, if your child is interested in music, don’t hesitate to teach him or enroll in private lessons according to his favorit musical instrument. By playing music, children can express their feelings through notes or even make songs.
• Cooking

This activity is very memorable for children, every time they cook in the kitchen, children look at it with enthusiasm. Encourage children to help prepare food, cut vegetables, mix spices. This skill is very useful if the child has grown up and lived independently away from home or can even become a great chef for the future.

• Gardening
Encourage children to move outside the room to introduce the environment while looking for fresh air. Gardening is a useful activity because in addition to increasing children’s insights about plants and living things it also grows a sense of love for the environment to continue caring for nature.
• Art painting

Drawing in general is an activity that interests children, with a pencil children will realize their imagination in the form of drawings. Drawing can also channel stress and is a fun activity.
• Scouting
Many activities carried out in scouts. In addition to physical activity it also teaches socializing, independence, cooperation, creativity, discipline, responsibility. Scouts teach also to always love and preserve nature which is important for the character’s growth and development of children.

Indeed, the use of gadgets has a variety of risks to children, but that does not mean children should not know about technological developments. Allow them to occasionally hold the cell phone with the supervision of the parents next to it and make sure the phone is in children’s mode to anticipate dangerous content.
It is a challenge to educate children in the current era. Parental policy is an important role in children’s growth and development, so it’s only natural for parents to continue to learn and be open to educating their children.
Parents can read books, discuss with friends or ask experts to add insight to care for children in this technological era.

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