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Is human reproduction education for minors? Or is it better to teach human reproduction education when they are adults? In fact many cases of violence abuse against minors occur because the victim does not understand human reproduction education.

Not a few teenagers who have free intimate relationship because they do not understand the consequences of their actions.
Parents are often confused to convey human reproduction education materials instead of explaining in detail parents even feel awkward to clearly provide human reproduction knowledge to their children.

Have To Understanding

This is very risky because children lack understanding of their privacy areas and thing they should not do.
Psychologist Seto Mulyadi or familiarly called Kak Seto also recommends that parents provide education in detail and open discussions with children so that they truly understand. “Yes, first of all, human reproduction education teaches who their human reproduction identity is, the child knows you are a boy, you are a girl. So that there will be no confusion, “said Seto Mulyadi at Metro Jaya Police Headquarters, Jakarta Tuesday, September 26, 2017, reported from

• According to Kak Seto, it’s better to explain the name of the penis with the truth because it’s the name to call it, if it’s a penis, if it’s a vagina, it’s a vagina. Teach also about how to clean and care for his vital organs, such as always cleaning with soap after defecation and urinating.
Tell the child to protect each of his intimate parts and no one should touch it except the doctor during the examination. When children hear the news of abuse, explain it wisely, there is no need to be awkward, it can happen to anyone. This can actually be an opening to start re chat so that children can protect themselves from perpetrators of violence crimes.
The importance of education makes parents have to immediately provide insight as soon as possible, ages 3-4 years are enough to provide human reproduction knowledge to children because at this age children begin to find out about their bodies and other children’s bodies. Children will ask why our bodies are different? Why is her hair long while I’m short? Why is he peeing sitting while I stand? This question will start popping up with age.
When children start school, they will be attracted to the opposite human reproduction and will be intrigued with the theme, so parents must be wise to educate in detail without feeling awkward before the child seeks human reproduction knowledge with his own understanding which may be contrary to norms, morals, and medical .
Delivering in the right way can make it easy for children to understand and think human reproduction education is important, and therefore parents must be good at educating children in interesting ways

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Appropriate delivery time

Not difficult to find the right time to educate children. For example, when you hear news about violence, when you hear a song or a film that turns to vulgar matters. It can also be free time alone with children or before bed. A lot of time is right for parents to be brave enough to start chatting.
Prepare yourself before delivering
It is not uncommon when discussing adult matters with children. On the contrary, children are also awkward to open topics with their parents. Before opening a chat it is better to prepare a topic to be discussed and prepare for an unexpected question from the child.
Convey honestly, clearly, firmly
When delivering, use honest words to say the real name of the name of the human reproduction organ. Using terms will only make children confused and difficult to understand the topic. Make it clear that the child understands that this is very important so that the child will pay close attention.

Encourage discussion

A good conversation occurs both ways as well as when talking with children. The reason children are difficult to talk to is because most parents judge children’s opinions, isn’t it better to hear the opinions of children so that parents can know the child’s point of view about adult matters. This will facilitate the delivery because they know how the child’s mindset.
Don’t just be human reproduction
Human reproduction education aims to provide insight about vital organs, intimate relationships and diseases of vital organs. However, it is not enough to convey that, for example, how to make friends with the opposite gender or healthy dating ways to avoid toxic relationships or physical, verbal and mental violence.
In the current era, it would be very risky if it does not equip children with human reproduction knowledge, many things happen as a result of the lack of child human reproduction knowledge.

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• Victims of abuse and violence
Adult violence often occurs because victims do not understand their privacy restrictions, victims do not know that the behavior they have received has exceeded the limits of violating the privacy zone.
• Free intimate relationship
The lack of human reproduction knowledge makes young people do free intimate relationship without thinking physically and mentally that is not ready. Starting from curiosity they try things that are not yet time and violate ethics, norms, and religion without knowing the risks of their actions.
• Abortion
The risk of having a relationship will certainly result in an individual because that is actually the purpose of having intimate relationship. But if women who get pregnant outside of marriage will be considered deviant, therefore many women have abortions. Besides being an act of violating the norm for killing a fetus in the womb, abortion also risks causing death to the abortionist.
• Disease
Without knowledge, one will not care about a matter, including health. Many diseases in the genitals such as fungus, itchy spots, redness. Free intimate relationship offenders are at risk of contracting HIV / AIDS, a condition in which the immune system decreases due to unhealthy intimate relationship.
Providing human reproduction education is indeed not an easy thing for parents to learn often about educating child reproduction properly, if it is really difficult to communicate, parents can ask for advice from psychologists to look for alternatives in the easiest way.
Now many psychologists and doctors campaign for child human reproduction education to equip children with knowledge about their bodies. This was often conveyed by Seto Mulyadi S.psi M.psi who served as chair of the republic’s child protection commission.

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