Slow learning read to read in kids

Not a few parents who panicked when their children could not read at the age of entering elementary school, some elementary schools require new students to be able to read and write. Things like this can be anticipated with proper handling early on.

Slow in learning to write and read is actually not a taboo, but children often feel inferior because their peers are fluent in reading and writing. Inappropriate family scope also adds to the mental burden on children, such as giving punishment when failing to learn.

Parents should always provide support and motivation for children to continue learning, with the right approach can trigger children’s motivation to learn. Use interesting media in learning processes such as using colorful writing, conveying with stories or learning while playing.

In addition to parenting and how students learn to read slowly can also be influenced by children’s medical conditions, reported by children who suffer from dyslexic disorders have difficulty learning to read, write, speak, and foreign languages.

In general Dyslexia is a condition of learning disorders to spell and read, it is difficult to pronounce letters into words or sentences. The cause of dyslexia is not certain but it is suspected during pregnancy to be infected with alcohol, nicotine and NAZAP. Babies born prematurely (born below average) are also at risk for dyslexia.

Visible Dyslexia is difficult to detect in early childhood, with the passage of time when entering school, children with Dyslexia will be easily recognized. But if you look closely, some symptoms can be observed from an early age.

• Slow development of speech
• Difficulty spelling or distinguishing words such as “Pasar” and “Pagar”
• Difficulty processing sounds or information being heard
• Difficulty remembering a matter
• Difficulty learning foreign languages
• Difficulty pronouncing unusual words
• Difficulty memorizing letter shapes and sounds
• Difficulty in communicating because of lack of fluency in saying words

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Although Dyslexia is classified as a disorder that is difficult to cure, parents at home can do a number of things to improve their ability to learn to read and write effectively.
• Read aloud next to the child
Reading will take the child’s attention, without the child realizing they will learn about how to read along with the intonation of the way you read. This is in line with the phrases that children are skilled imitators.

• Limit playing time

It’s only natural that young children like to play, but not a few children who fall asleep to forget to learn. Limiting play time for learning is very effective at developing children’s reading and writing skills. In addition, children also learn discipline to divide the time between work and entertainment.

• Continue motivation

Always accompany the child to continue learning, provide motivation to continue to study hard. Children who feel left behind often feel inferior to parents must be able to understand their feelings and continue to provide understanding that everyone has their own abilities

• Work with teachers

The closest to the development of children’s education are teachers in schools because they teach children knowledge. Working closely with the teacher can be very effective because parents will know the child’s development at school and at home, both from the development of knowledge and the development of the child’s character.

• Join a group

Despite having the same problem every parent has a way of dealing with children with Dyslexia differently. Sharing and exchanging experiences can add insight to find the best solutions in caring for children with Dyslexia.
If you really feel you are not able to ask your doctor’s opinion to overcome Dyslexia. Before properly diagnosed with dyslexia, the doctor will conduct several examinations of children suspected of having the disorder.
• Questionnaire
Filling out questionnaires from family, friends, and the school is very helpful to dig up information about the child’s daily life. With this information doctors can more freely conduct further examinations
• Examination of nerves
Decreased nerve function in the brain that works to process language and reading is strongly associated with dyslexic disorders. Therefore, examination of nerves is very important to see whether the nerves in children function properly or have disorders.
Psychological tests
To find out the psychological conditions of children psychological testing needs to be done. Children who are depressed or in a bad mood will reduce their learning and therefore knowing the psychological condition of children is very important.
• Educational and health history
Other family members will be asked the question of whether experiencing a similar condition because it is very possible this disorder comes from heredity. Children’s education patterns at home will also be information to understand the child’s condition.
For the time being, the medical hasn’t been able to cure Dyslexia completely, even now it’s an incurable disorder. Early treatment is effective to help the development of reading and writing.
Doctors have developed a method called Fonik. By focusing on increasing the ability to identify and respond to sounds, it is expected to be able to improve the reading and writing abilities of Dyslexic patients. Many things will be obtained by children during this method:
Arrange words into whole times and learn new vocabularies
• Understand a sentence correctly in sound, spelling and meaning
• Learn letters with shapes and sounds and arrange letters into words
• Learn words from the easiest to the most difficult by writing, spelling and pronouncing them with the correct sound
• Distinguish 2 or more words that sound very similar to “Pasar” “Pakar” “Pagar” and other words that sound similar

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The ability to read and write is very important for everyday life, supervising every child’s growth and development is a must for every parent. With careful observation parents can know if there is something that is less normal in every child’s growth and development.
The right pattern of students is also very influential in children’s growth and development, so parents must be wise in educating their children. Trying to hear what is felt will be very helpful in the educational process, because parents will easily understand how children’s understanding of what they are learning

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